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What can 30 students and Armenian Assembly do in just 9 hours?​

Are you ready to tackle the challenge and find out if you are made for a role in Digital Publishing? 

If yes, don’t hesitate to register to the Virtual Hackathon for Staff Editors, which aims to select the best team to join a special Summer programme of Armenian Assembly and Armenia Guide. 

The Hackathon will be held online on August 10, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The registration is open till August 4, 2021.


Organized by Armenian Assembly and Armenia Guide Travel and Lifestyle platform, the Hackathon aims to gather up-and-comer content writers to face a challenge and define the one winning team that will join a special Summer Programme. 

During the Hackathon you and your team will be assigned with a specific content writing task, which should be completed by coming up with a technique, that will be the least time consuming, of a high quality result-vise and efficient. You are open to come up with creative approaches and innovative solutions in achieving the task.   

The winning team of Staff Editors will join the Digital Publishing team of Armenia Guide in frames of a special Summer Programme. You will have an opportunity to gain experience in the field of Digital Publishing, socialise and make contacts, which will help you in your future careers. Each student will be remunerated.


Take advantage of the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a Staff Editor and work in the field of Digital Publishing, uncovering the Armenian path around the world. 

They say that best ideas are born not in isolation, but out of great collaboration and that’s why you can invite a couple of friends to form a team. For 9 hours, you and your team will get acquainted with case study, come up with realistic, time efficient and creative solutions to achieve the final result in the most efficient way.

On the next day, 3 selected teams with the best proposals will have the chance to present their work to the Selection Committee. The works will be evaluated based on the main criterias to define the winning team: Content writing, Feasibility, Innovation and creativity, Presentation.


The groups will be assigned with a specific content writing task (which will also include: search for evidence, editing and proofreading) based on a detailed technical brief, which they should complete by coming up with a technique that will be the least time consuming, of a high quality result-vise and efficient. The groups are open to come up with creative approaches and innovative solutions in achieving the task.  

Each registering applicant for the Hackathon 2021 should meet the following criterias:

  • Be at least 19 years old; 
  • Be current university students in” bachelor’s or” master’s program of AUA; 
  • Has proven content writing skills (Background  in journalism, practice in blogging, written data creation); 
  • Be fluent in English. 

The purpose of the Hackathon is to let you and your peers experience a day in the life of a full stack Digital Publishing Team. This simulated experience will give you the opportunity to:

  • Solve the problem. Gain insights into the type of work content writers do (and decide if it’s right for you); 
  • Explore new approaches: Learn new technical skills and enhance your soft skills;
  • Gain experience in turning concepts into actions;
  • Experience team working in agile: Collaborate with new people and expand your professional skills in achieving the best result in short timeframes;
  • Boost your employability: Ultimately boost your CV, build skill set and improve your employability.   

The main benefits of successful participation in the Hackathon is:   

The winning team will join Armenia Guide’s Digital Publishing Team in the frames of a Special Summer Programme. 

 Paid program of creating content on Armenian spots for Armenian Guide application. 

Group members will have an opportunity to gain experience in the field of expertise, socialise and gain contacts which will help them in their future careers.


If the answer to the above questions is a resounding “Yes“ and you are up for the challenge, don’t hesitate any longer. Turn this event into an opportunity to make a contribution for the number one tourism and lifestyle platform which aims to present all the famous spots and events (cultural, leisure, etc.)  in Armenia  and  in major Armenian diaspora communities.


Guidelines and needing information for applying to the online Hackathon. 

Are you ready to join our hackathon? Here, you can find some useful information.

The topic of a case study will be to come up with ways of collecting, editing and proofreading data on different spots of Armenia and Armenian diaspora communities. The Hackathon objective is to test your editorial, research and teamwork skills and define the best content writers to join the Summer programme. 

11:59 p.m., 4 august 2021

  • Registration: till 4th of August;
  • Selection of eligible applicants: till 9th of August; 
  • Hackathon: 10th of August  2021; 
  • Evaluation: till 13 of August 2021; 
  • Presentations of the selected groups: 13th of August  2021; 
  • Announcement of the winning group:  13th of July 2021; 
  • Start of the Programme: 14th of August 2021.

Each individual of a applicant who registers in the Hackathon 2021 must be:

  • At least 19 years old;
  • Current university students in bachelor’s or master’s program of AUA;
  • Content Writing skills (Background  in journalism, practice in blogging, data creation);
  • All participants must be fluent in English.  

Yes, you will be asked to submit the registration form with special questions, personal info and motivation questions (which position why you want to participate in the hackathon, which role is more suitable for you, etc.).  

Attention: The application forms will be preliminary evaluated and selected candidates will form groups to join the Hackathon. 

After you apply individually and pass through the selection process, the Selection Committee will assign you at least two additional teammates, who will be your colleagues in frames of the Hackathon to collaborate on the case study. You will receive the contact details of your team members one day before the Hackathon.

You will be informed about the decision by 9th of August 2021.   

Selection Committee will evaluate your proposed solution, based on the following criterias:   

  • Content writing skills
    • editing and proofreading;
    • fact searching and checking;
    • storytelling; 
    • writing text in various styles and formats; 
    • skills for selecting and editing content; 
    • skills of search and systematization of data; 
    • content localization skills.   
  • Feasibility: implementable in real life; 
  • Innovation and creativity: new solutions which will help the project to meet its requirements in a timely and effective manner; 
  • Leadership skills and the ability to manage a team; 

Based on the best solved case study on the above mentioned qualities, the Selection Committee will define and announce the winning team. 

  • Participation is free of charge; 
  • Join the Digital Publishing team of Armenia Guide in the frames of a special Paid Summer Program; 
  • Students will have an opportunity to gain experience in the field of expertise;
  • Socialise and gain contacts which will help them in their future careers.

The Hackathon will take place in the virtual space (via ZOOM conference). Before the Hackathon start, each participant should ensure that they are able to access the Zoom platform (with a link provided in advance), which will be used for online communication throughout the day. Don’t forget to also confirm ahead that you have internet connection and a pair of headphones, with a functioning microphone. A video camera is optional, but desirable.