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Christmas Ray of Hope

The unique Christmas concert of world known opera singers, diva Anna Kasyan and Adam Barro right from marked the start of the Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Paris gave the start of charity marathon for the children of Artsakh. Make a Christmas miracle to Children of Artsakh. Show your support.

For the Children of Artsakh

With the goal of delivering humanitarian support to the children of Artsakh aged 0-6 months old, desperately in need of help as a consequence of the Artsakh war, Armenian Assembly is initiating a creation of a centralized database with the profiles of the children in question.

Open letter to UNESCO

Armenian Assembly and Russian cultural figures wrote an open letter to UNESCO with the request to save the monuments of Nagorno Karabakh, that carry the Christian cultural, artistic and architectural heritage, and confer these monuments a special status.

Armenia President hosted Vage Engibarian

Armenian Assembly is intended to invest 1bln AMD in hi-tech solutions for humanitarian, social and cultural-educational programs of Armenia and Artsakh.
Humanitarian initiative

For the Children of Artsakh

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Social Entrepreneurship in Support of the Armenian World

Armenian Assembly

Armenian Assembly is a non-profit organization supporting and implementing social-entrepreneurship projects in the spheres of culture, education, tourism, information technologies and science in Armenia and diaspora. 

Since its establishment in 2017, Armenian Assembly has launched and supported more than 40 cultural, educational, enlightenment, touristic and other initiatives.

Projects and Initiatives

Strategic Directions

ARMONIA Competition of Young Talents


ARMENIAN CROSS To the visit of Pope Francis to Armenia

TAPAN High-tech museum

CHRISTMAS GATHERING Grant Awarding Ceremony

ASMIK GRIGORIAN First Solo Concert in Moscow

GAYANE BALLET Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

ARMENIA GUIDE Tourism platform

GOURMET FEST Gastronomic Experience

DUDUK GLASS at State Gnessin School


SUPPORT TO YOUNG TALENTS Self-realization on international arena

GYMNASIUM aft. ST NAREKATSI Website Development

UNIFIED PORTAL of the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church

ARMENIAN CHURCH Mobile Application


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