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Armenian Assembly

Social Entrepreneurship in Support of the Armenian World

About Armenian Assembly

Armenian Assembly is a non-profit organization supporting and implementing social-entrepreneurship initiatives in the spheres of culture, education, tourism, information technologies and science in Armenia and diaspora. 

Since its establishment in 2017, Armenian Assembly has launched and supported more than 40 cultural, educational, enlightenment, touristic and other initiatives. 

The main governing body of Armenian Assembly is the Community Board. The structure of the  Community Board encompasses the Presidium of the Community Board, the Bureau of the Presidium, the Board of Trustees and various vocational committees.

The members of the NGO are esteemed representatives of the Armenian diaspora including prominent entrepreneurs, highly respected scientists, well-known artists and cultural figures. 

Main Goals of the Development Strategy

Strategic Goals

• Preserve and develop Armenian national traditions and cultural heritage;

• Support the Armenian national identity

• Establish and strengthen international ties between the Armenians and representatives of other nations and ethnic groups;

• Become a platform for integrating the intellectual experience of the diaspora’s representatives aiming at the implementation of social projects in Armenia;

• Develop and support social entrepreneurship, establish a community of social entrepreneurs, engage successful Armenians in the implementation of projects and initiatives targeted to Armenia and diaspora.

Armenian Assembly will gradually achieve these goals by supporting and implementing initiatives in the spheres of culture, education, history, enlightenment, information technologies and tourism.

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